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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Greek Media 希臘的大眾傳播媒體

Links to all types of media:, 三個重要傳播媒體: 電視 、報紙 、廣播電台 left 1st click Τηλεόραση is the link to TVs, left 2nd click Εφημερίδες is the link to newspapers, and right 1st click Ραδιόφωνο is the link to radio stations.

TVs 電視
Links to TV channels in Greece, Τηλεόραση on left side, click the first one πανελλαδική will open to a page listing the links to all major non-cable TV’s in Greece. Of which the ERT (希臘國家廣播電台) has English text with instant news from Greece. EPT is the abbreviation for the Greek National Radio and Television.

Some links to Greek live TVs (一些電視聯結),,
Links to European TVs,

Newspapers 報紙

Εφημερίδες , under the 1st yellow, click Αθήνα gives the links to all daily newspapers in the greater Athens area, whereas under the 2nd yellow, click Αθήνα gives the links to the Sunday papers. The Sunday paper is the biggest paper of the week, its paper version has the most advertisement inserts of the week.
The Η Καθημερινή paper has the daily English version here (希臘英文版日報 Ka-thi-me-ri-ni) , on the left side of this site, all the way down under the Health & Emergency, a click on the Athens Plus (希臘英文版週報) will give you the weekly English paper.

Radio 廣播電台

Live Radio links 音樂欣賞,,,, and beyond just live radio is this (這站很多參考資訊)

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