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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Breaking the Old & Bad Tradition 自付參與的喜悅

Today the Taiwanese Greeks will gather for their Mid-Autumn's Festival celebration and also welcome their new representative, Ms. Chu.

This marks the first time that people here will have to dig their own pockets to participate in a community event. For long people have taken it for granted to participate in luncheons using the resources of others, either funded thru the budget of the Representative Office in Greece, or the association's president's pocket, or some donations, or some contribution from the woman's club, or a combination of the above, etc. Thus, it is quite meaningful to participate in today's event as it breaks the bad and old tradition.

It's great that we break this unjustified custom that does not exist in any other country's Taiwanese community, usually the Taiwanese associations in other countries collect an annual membership dues plus charge an activity fee based on participation in each activity. We feel pround to follow suit with the rest of the Taiwanese associations abroad.

Payinging for the meals and entertainment expenses consumed and enjoyed by ourselves is simply the right thing to do. Finally, we'd like to congratulate the current president, Mr. Shin for his determination in implementing the change regardless of the troubles he has to put up with (complains or unheard insults?), bravo!

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