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Friday, December 19, 2008

How many demonstrations per day in downtown Athens?

The answer is to rotate the number 8 ninety degrees!
If there is no need for you to go downtown, just stay away from it because it’s hard these days to track the number of demonstrations per day. When there are demos, the flow of traffic must be terribly affected.
How can I describe the capital of Greece, only this word, chaos!
“There was one protest march in central Athens yesterday, drawing around 5,000 people. Several more are planned today, including a student protest starting outside the gates of Athens University at noon and a workers’ rally at Omonia Square at 6 p.m. Two rallies are planned to begin outside Parliament, a workers’ protest and an anti-racist rally.” Read the entire text from the English Kathimerini.
So, according to the newspaper, there was 1 yesterday with 5000 people, and at least 4 today, that is, 1 student protest at 12:00, 1 worker’s rally at 18:00 at Omonia, 1 other worker’s protest outside Parliament at unknown time , 1 anti-racist rally outside Parliament (Syntagma square) at unknown time.
C'est la vie!

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