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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Overnight Destruction in Athens Center 雅典市中心一夜被毀

Greek people woke up this morning to learn about the catastrophe in downtown Athens last night. The anarchists had destructed some 30 shops overnight, and continued to engage police force in smaller scale stone-throwing street fights. Many shops in downtown Athens were burned, and broken glasses scattered everywhere on the streets. It was reported that a 15 year old had been killed by the police earlier last night, which sparked the unrest. The shops’ financial losses from the overnight destruction were estimated to be many million Euros. The English Kathimerini paper does not have a Sunday edition, but its Greek language paper has picture and report of the riot.
Greece is a country where individual rights far exceed social order, whereas Taiwan is the opposite. Ma’s government trampled peaceful demonstrators, and patriotic behavior can make oneself end-up in detention center. Taiwanese who care about their financial affairs are strongly recommended to spare their weekend leisure time to view the analysis of this political talk show 2008-12-05 大話新聞

An ideal society must be one in which individual rights and government authority are well balanced. Over emphasis on government authority may result in personal rights abuse, such is the case in PRC, and unfortunately its pursuer in Taiwan, the current Ma government.

A responsible and transparent government reduces the number of unhappy citizens, which usually translates into a clean government who is able to internally care for its citizens' needs through fair taxation system, well managed health and welfare system, plus good educational and environmental policies. And externally, a responsible government must be a peace maker of the global community, exercising foreign policies that are accountable for bringing peace to its neighbors as well as to the world. Failing this, there will be social unrest internally, such as unfair tax policies deeped the gap between the poor and the rich, poor environmental policies destroy the planet, etc., and externally faulty foreign policies (military competition, bullying, supporting dictorship for own national interests, etc.) cause tension and war among nations.

On the other hand, too much individual rights like in Greece can cause disorderly society and consequently affect normal business operation as described in the article entitled "Right to march under scrutiny" on Nov. 14, 2008 Athens Plus weekly newspaper (on click Athens Plus on the bottom left column, and on the current issue of Athens Plus, scroll down to view the past issues, they are arranged in date order). Different parties in Greece must sit down and work together to reduce the number of unhappy citizens through good educational, welfare, and environmental policies, otherwise, there will always be social unrest in the country.

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