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Friday, February 27, 2009

Congratulation to the GREEK CHALLENGE team on the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series

The Greek sailing team was formed just a month ago and trained only one week in Valencia onboard the K-Challenge boats, plus another few days in Auckland prior to the start of official racing. The goal of sailing competitively has been achieved by the Greek team, and we congratulate the whole team as it holds a celebration party tonight.

You can read more news here.

"For Greek Challenge it was the right decision to come to the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. It is the right platform for world-class sailing and on any given day any team had its chance to win. We learned a lot from our Kiwi (meaning the New Zealander) and South African crew, in fact, we learned a lot from any sailor that raced against us and we deeply thank them for that. We will now return to Greece and transfer our knowledge and know-how to the rest of the Greek sailing community. This is not the end of our campaign, just the beginning" said Sotiris Buseas, the CEO of the Greek Challenge team.

Sotiris Buseas is a family friend for a long time, he often makes a quick stop-over at my home whenever he is in Athens. He is trained on computer science in university, but he is also a self-motivated business entrepreneur, a guy who knows to fly a private jet, and now has also learned to sail. Like many Greeks, he loves his country and his hometown and he takes every opportunity to “sell” Greece to the world or vice versa bringing new ideas back to Greece.

Once he took a jet ski ride, but it suddenly failed to function in the middle of the sea. Fortunately, he overcame all odds against him and survived that incident. I guess God didn’t plan to let him die so young, so he could organize and participate in the Greek Challenge team. Besides, how can he die before he even get married? ha ha...

I am most impressed with the logo explanations, it’s very interesting to read how they came up with the logo of an image of a decisive Poseidon and what each element means. My family has been to Cape Tainaro (Ακρωτήριο Ταίναρο) with Sotiris, it is a very windy cape, but I haven’t found out how long ago this mosaic was built there.

Bravo, Greek Challenge, have a nice party tonight!

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