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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Finding interesting people and things

I am pleased to have found a potential young male writer who can contribute occasionally to this group blog (so far this blog has been dominated by female writers).

And here is his personal blog if readers would like to get a glimpse.  He’s also crazy about snowboarding (not said in his profile) while I like downhill skiing. Hope he can contribute to this blog from time to time.

Accidentally I found a family friend, S. Buseas, in this extra edition of STATUS magazine, being nominated for competing in the manager’s category for the man of the year 2009 in Greece.  I never read this magazine, but it was inserted inside this past weekend’s newspaper.  Congratulations to him for being nominated!

I also found out that many schools are closed because apparently too many students are infected with the swine flu, and since there is no school for some children, my neighbor who is a teacher is vacationing with her kids in the Disneyland in Paris, a little nice November break I envy.  Hope everyone stays healthy and schools get back to normal.

Lastly, an important history from the 70's I found!  I found out one of the reasons why in general the Greeks are anti-American (government).  November 17th is a designated holiday and this post plus the comments left there explained why.  It is a well-written and very informative blog.

The traffic is terrible whenever there is a demonstration in Athens.  Read more on the student’s march every year on November 17th from Athens Polytechnic in downtown to the American embassy in remembrance of the students killed by military junta in 1973.

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