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Monday, March 8, 2010

Photos around the Gulf of Corinth

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Circling around the Gulf of Corinth in one day was a tiring trip because some parts of the roads are winding, but it was necessary for us to return the same day especially having grandpa as the babysitter.  We went to check our farm "project", planting biological olive trees.  We left early from Athens in order to catch the ferry boat in Aigio (also spelled Egio, see below for some more advanced reading about the lost city of Atlantis).

Shortly before we got off from highway to head for the town of Aigio, where there is ferryboat to take passengers and cars across the gulf to the opposite (north) side, we called the port authority's number and the recorded message announced the ferryboat's schedule just as usual without mentioning any cancellation.  After we fought the traffic through the town and reached the dock, an employee there told us that the ferryboat would not operate due to windy condition, and the wind was actually not so strong at that time.  What a waste of our time to have gotten off the highway, and this forced us to take additional drive around the gulf.  Perhaps we should have chosen to connect to a real person instead of listening to the recorded message, which in Greece is normally never updated in real-time?

Palces of interest around the Gulf of Corinth:
Corinthia Prefecture, located in the north-eastern part of the Peloponnisos peninsulaThe Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, Acrocorinth, Mount Kyllini (Ziria), Trikala Korithias (winter getaway 1.5 hours drive from Athens, but I found it too crowded during Christmas holidays)
Achaea Prefecture:
Aigio (ferryboat crossing point to the opposite town of Agios Nikolaos, otherwise nothing special), Kalavryta (need a separate trip to discover this historical town, 1821 war of indenpendence flag raised here, Dec 13 1943 Nazi Massacre of  Kalavryta's male population, ski center, Diakofto - Kalavryta scenic railway), Patras (Greece's 3rd largest city, gateway to Ionian islands and Italy, carnival parade before Clean Monday).

Advanced but interesting reading:
A brief study of the town of Aigio led me to the Helike project which is one of the many investigated sites for the lost Atlantis.  The Atlantis organization, research tool, and useful links.

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