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Friday, March 19, 2010

What’s up in Taiwan?

Bicycle show, yes!

Bicycle is the best transportation means, it does not consume any fuel, does not pollute the air, and keeps the bikers physically fit.

Having a stop-over in Taipei and don’t know what to do, why not visit the bicycle show?

Asia’s largest and the world’s 3rd largest bicycle show is on from March 17 to 20 at the Nan-gang Exhibition Hall in Taipei’s World Trade Center.  With nearly 4,000 booths and exhibitors from 32 countries and regions around the globe, you will see the latest technology achievement of the bicycle industry.  For details visit this site:

For general tourism info:

Also, between April 10 to 18, there will be a cycling race coming up in Taiwan’s northeast coastal area, you can join the race by registering at the Taiwan Cyclist Federation site (this site is mostly in Chinese language) starting from March 1.  For more English info, some helpful links are:

Aside from stunning costal scenery, spring time is the best time for bird-watching.

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