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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moustos Wetland, Οικολογικό Πάρκο Υγροτόπου Μουστού

Moustos is a wetland conservation park and the only one of a considerable size in the East Peloponnese.  Water birds use this area as a resting and feeding station during their migration.  Greek summer tourists like to come here because the spring water from earth cools you down, but few people will hike the trail from the highway to the sea, which I estimate to be around 2.5 km one way.

A slightly different kind of tourism when you think of Greece - eco tourism.  I have come to Moustos a few times with my family, but only once I walked the Moustos Wetland path with a friend from the highway to the sea and back, that hike I captured many photos.  The photos here are collected from many visits though, so they may cover different seasons. Unfortunately I have not come here during the winter time when the birds are abundant.

If you like to see a slideshow of my photo collections of the Moustos wetland, cliclk here.

Other visitors to Moustos had captured the winter scenery (and therefore lots of birds), and put them in the Facebook.

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