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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Day

"One Day" is a Taiwanese movie being played at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, here is the location info.  It was screened last February at the 60th Berlin International Film Festival, and has now come to Greece for viewing.

This coming Saturday (Feb. 26th) at 20:00 is the last chance to see the movie, the ticket is 5 Euro, and you may read all about this film here, it is director Hou Chi-Jan's first feature film.

The movie's story goes like this:

Sing-ing (a girl who works at a ferry boat's shop) keeps having a recurrent dream - she sees a boy shouting at her but she can neither see his face nor hear what he says.  One night at sea on a ferry, she comes across a young soldier who claims to be her future lover.  The girl pays no attention to the soldier's seemly ridiculous story, but a series of mysterious incidents makes her begin to wonder if he might be telling the truth.

As February 28 (aka "228" is a day of remembrance for Taiwan) is approaching, I hope another Taiwanese film will one day be played in Europe so a bit of Taiwan's recent history under the KMT rule will be learned by Europeans.

"One Day" movie flyer

producer (2nd Left) and director (3rd L) posed with Taipei Representative (1st L) and some Taiwanese in Greece 

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