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Monday, February 13, 2012

Structural reform should start from riot control in downtown Athens

Why after the lesson learned from the riot of December 2008, Greek police still fight street rioters with tear gas and not trying some alternative ways of control measures such as using water cannons?  Is it because the government has spent money for politicians’ armored cars to protect themselves from occasional personal attacks and therefore there was no budget allocated for purchasing crowd control vehicles such as water cannons to disperse anarchists / looters and protect downtown business?

Last night's destruction in downtown Athens is predictable and simply pours salt on the already wounded economy.  A neo-classical building home to the Attikon cinema dating from 1870 was also among the 45+ buildings burned.  I think water cannons should have come to disperse the potential looters after an initial warning from the police, sending fire trucks to put off the fires after buildings are set ablaze is a step too late.

New austerity measures are too harsh with its effectiveness to be evaluated in a few months, so far it causes recession and hardship on honest people who have paid enough shares of the tax burden, crime rate soared, plus many homeless people sought refuge under recent severe weather conditions.  On the contrast, did the IMF, part of the Troika, pay tax on its vehicles used in Athens?

Recently Balkan states are freezing, northern Greece has more snow than usual, and Pyrgos Ilias in the west Peloponnesos Greece was flooded, one Taiwanese Greek's home was affected by the flood in that region.  We pray that the bad weather will soon end.

Upcoming events:

The 2012 Athens Tourism Symposium, the international scientific congress on current trends in tourism management and tourism policy, will open at the Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel (115 Syngrou) on Feb 15 &16, 2012.

The “Tourism and Gastronomy in the Spotlight” event will also open at the Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel (115 Syngrou) on Feb 15 &16, 2012.

Some links:

Fire protection engineering is a field of study that we need to have in Greek universities.
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