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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tourism for scholars and academics 希臘另類旅遊學者為對象

Samos, which I blogged briefly, is one of the chosen destinations of a political tour package to be held in August.  

Political Tours, a UK-based company organizing holiday packages in countries facing political, financial, social and humanitarian upheaval, is organizing its first Greek tour.

The Greek package, which includes stops on the island of Samos, Athens, Perama and Corinth, will take a look at the effects of austerity measures, the role of corruption, issues of immigration, the rise of unemployment and tax evasion, among others.

I think the greatest potential for Samos is to have more organized agricultural tourism combined with marketing of its sweet wine.  I had bought and tasted both Samos' sweet wine and Ontario ice wine, they are different both in taste and in price and I like them both, but Samos sweet wine is more affordable. 

Another educational seminar combined with tourism had just finished - the Olympia Summer Seminars in July - studies of conflict, terrorism, counter terrorism, negotiating peace.

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