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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First batch of photos from the 2008 summer camp 夏令營第一批照片

The youngest “Class C” learning Shuang-Jie Gun 兒童C組學雙節棍

Teenage group "Class B" practicing straw hat dance 青少年B組練習斗笠舞
The adult "Class A" learning paper cutting art 成年A組學剪字藝術

It is not only boring but also difficult to present a series of images with associated explanations, therefore, we will publish the photos from the summer camp together with future printed articles so that the good memory from this past summer will last through out the coming months.一系列的照片和文字說明不但單調且難編排,我們會將夏令營的照片慢慢放入,讓每篇文章中都有夏令營的美好回憶。

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