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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The World's Healthiest Foods 世界最健康食品

So you don’t complain that I blog only on human rights and politics…
A very interesting organization to me and to your health indeed, The World’s Healthiest Foods,
How to use this site, a quick overview,
How to process food, quick demo by
For example, how to cook a tasty and nutritious broccoli,
Olive oil is best for cold temperature use such as for salad, it is not for high temperature frying. If you like to use olive oil, you should cook your food first and just add olive oil before you eat, for example quick boil the veggies, and add olive oil just in your plate. Greek mothers like to cook some soups or beans during days of fastings, they can cook all the ingredients first, and just add olive oil at the end. High temperature cooking destroys the olive oil.
About organic food,
local link Hellenic Organization for Standardization
Got to go to cook now…

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