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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let's Build from Scratch Again...

The street battles have gradually died down now, and I believe the kids can go back to school tomorrow. What's left is a country with weaker economy and millions of financial losses to be picked up by taxpayers. The lesson drawn from Greece is that a government (regardless of which party in power) has to be accountable and sensitive to people's needs, corruptions from either current (New Democracy) or past (Pasok was even more severe in corruption) government / politicians left the country in a less developed position compared to the rest of western European countries. When some government officials self-absorbed public funds, people's needs were not met, then social and especially youth problems were elevated. This general discontent became very explosive when an incident could ignite into a non-stoppable destructive force.

Nothing could be gained from a torn apart country with so much wounds to be healed, now we have only a few forests left from the summer fires of 2007, and 322 shops destroyed from the riots. All we can do is to start from scratch, and leave behind vicious party politics and finger-pointing accusations. If the government is transparent and accountable to its people, Greece will be united and strong agian.

If the Greek government fails to care for its people's basic needs, a Greek living abroad will smile at the sign on the way to the Eleftherios Venizelos which says "There is always more to explore." and think but "There is nothing good for me to stay."

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Anonymous said...

It is a shared experience of all Greeks living abroad and are serious about family, career and basic quality of life that Greece is not the country to offer that. No serious scholar in a foreign university(and not only) is thinking of returning to Greece unless for holidays. While the country is in the hands of these two parties there in no hope.
I see no light in the tunnel unless these massive riots push the rulers start doing some good for all. But i doubt it...
Christos Michalopoulos

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