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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Strong Wind and Rain Pouring Down, Follow-up on Unrest

We woke up to a very stormy raining day this (Friday) morning. After kids went to school, my friend called and among other things we also talked about the previous days’ riots. If the same weather had dropped upon us just 3 or 4 days earlier, the shops in downtown would have been saved from the fire, and the anarchists couldn’t have come out in a cold rainy night to destroy the city…maybe the Orthodox people ought to have prayed harder to God for the right weather at the right time then...(just joking), or was it God's will to let the Greek politicians learn a lesson the hard way?
I suddenly feel too old when I read about what young people can do with the internet these days…
Several Greek websites offer protesters real-time information on the location of clashes, where demonstrators are heading and how riot police are deployed around the city. Protest marches are arranged and announced on the sites, while word is also sent out via text messages on mobile phones. (read the full text from the English Kathimerini)
And the update of the on-going investigation has this quick excerpt: Meanwhile the results of forensic tests indicate that the bullet that killed 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos, and sparked this week’s rioting, appears to have entered the youth’s body directly. This casts doubt on claims by the 37-year-old policeman charged with the boy’s murder that the bullet had been fired as a warning and ricocheted.
I noticed some foreign media such as Agence France-Presse apparently made a mistake on the boy’s Greek name translation, calling the 15 year old Andreas when his name was in fact Alexandros 跟亞歷山大大帝同名 (or Alexis for short). Sometimes even the big news agency can make some mistakes, so always browse many different sources of the same news, and make your own call.

Verifying sources and making own judgments are important especially when you read news from Taiwan’s media, I have learned to read Taiwan’s news also from bloggers because with the rich KMT party’s resources (stolen from the people), they can buy up foreign medias to report news in a way that is in favor of their propaganda. I will discuss this issue in a separate post.

I will also talk about Greek given names and name days on another post.

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