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Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 25th is a national holiday in Greece

March 25th is a national holiday in Greece. It is a day the country celebrates the beginning of eviction of the Turkish Ottoman Empire in 1821. It is also a religious holiday celebrated by the Orthodox Church for this day the message was passed on to Virgin Mary by an angel that she would give birth to Jesus.

Many school children participated in local parades or watched the national parade on TV.

The traditional food eaten by Greeks today are fried salted cod fish, mashed potatoes garnished with garlic, but I cooked fresh sea bass (Τα λαβράκια) instead because my children won't eat salted cod.

The weather was not very stable this time of the year, but before it rained in the afternoon, we were able to take a hike.

And here are some photos we took from hiking in the Ymittos Mountain.

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