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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A slide presentation of Paralio Astros, Greece

I hope I have documented well the photos of this place in Peloponnisos called Paralio Astros (normally about 2 hours and 15 minutes drive from Athens).  It is located east of Tripoli by the sea and is a family resort “town” over-crowded with Greeks during the summer, otherwise, a quiet fishing village.

It has many beaches ranging from sandy, small pebbles, to rocky ones.

There is a Medieval castle (not maintained, and if you know its history, please write me) on top of the hill Nisi (Greek word meaning island), but the Nisi is connected to the mainland Peloponnisos, therefore it is not an island.

The place is not an international tourist spot, however if you are into surfing or gliding, Paralio Astros usually has strong wind in the afternoon for this type of sports.  Nearby, there is a not-well-explored cave under the sea.

The hotel Alexandros near the platia (Greek word meaning center square) is quite clean and every room is equipped with a medium-sized fridge plus a small stove top so you can make your own breakfasts (my family had rented a room before).

There are two camp sites in the area, the Astros Camping (it is not far from the beach Vervena, this beach is very safe for little kids and non-swimmers) and the Camping Thirea (sandy to small pebbles beach and is near windsurfing equipment rentals).

You may take a day trip from Paralio Astros to the first capital of Greece, Nafplio, it’s only 30 minutes drive one way.  Another day trip you can take is to visit the museum at the Mycenae archaeological site.

If you prefer to see Paralio Astros from an aerial view, here is the best I found through an internet search, this one covers well the landscape and is quite up-to-date; or another one with excellent music

Photos links below:

Paralio Astros (55 images)

The Castle of Paralio Astros (31 images)

The sky and sea of Paralio Astros (13 images)

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