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Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day in Greece

Today is May Day (also known as Labor Day, or International Workers’ Day) except in N. America which is observed on the first Monday in September.

In Greece, aside from labor-related demonstrations, since it is the peak season of flower blossoms, it is also traditionally celebrated by Greeks for a day of family outing and flower collection along the path.  After flowers are collected, a wreath is made and hung on entrance door.

I didn’t make any wreath this year, but I will show one that I made a few years back when I organize my archive photos.  I have many photos of Greece that are not tourist hot spots yet well recording the landscape of Greece, the photos will be gradually organized in smaller batches and uploaded.

Talking about photos, you may want to check out this blog’s right-hand side links under “Media”, the last one called “Demotix” (the word was derived from the Greek word meaning “citizen’s”), it has all kinds of photos uploaded by citizens of the world.  I checked today’s photos under the category “politics”, and it showed the demonstration of the unemployed and students in Taipei uploaded by D. Reid.  There are many categories that you can choose to see the world in pictures.

If you are interested about daily photos of Taiwan, you can also check out Taiwan Picture of the Day, and click on its “Archive Link” to see many more photos.

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