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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kids having fun while learning at the ACS summer camp 2009

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Some photos of the first week of the 2009 summer camp at America Community School (ACS) are out. This first batch of photos consisted of mostly the hi-light of group activities. Individual participant's photos will be uploaded soon and you may copy them only for NON-COMMERCIAL USE.

Featuring art, dance, and kung-fu teachers from Taiwan and co-sponsored by their government and the ACS, the one week camp was a popular choice for many kids who attended this summer's ACS camp, the rest of the other weeks the camp had regular programs such as sports, computers, English language etc. with locally hired teachers and counsellors.

Some Taiwanese volunteers (mostly mothers) worked as translators/camp assistants, their help was essential for the success of this year's Taiwan camp program, and we appreciate their efforts and time.

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