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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some simple questions for the local government on Blog Action Day post

It’s blog action day on climate change. I only have simple questions to ask the local government as all of them are related to our topic of climate change.

First, the Acropolis used to have its lights off at around 3AM; but lately, I see the lights stay on all night long, I wonder why it has to consume unnecessarily our electric energy resource, which in turns may have come from burning fossil fuels?

Second, most of the cars travelling on the Katehaki have only one person in the car, I have blogged about the inefficiency of the public transit system here in Athens, and again I have to wonder why there is no express bus service on Katehaki? Many people are driving everyday because they have no alternative way to go about the city’s south east to the city’s north east.

Imaging if there is a more efficient public transit system, the number of private cars in the city will be reduced and so will be the overall consumption of gasoline and air pollution.

Third, if we will have a more efficient public transit system in the near future, the number of private cars will be reduced, therefore, the daily congestion on Katehaki will be eased.  By improving our public transit system, is there still a need to build tunnels through the Ymittos mountain (pronounced as i-mi-TOS, stress at the last syllable ) in order to construct the southbound extention to the existing Ymittos Ring highway?  What if in 30 years, the world has energy shortage, what are we going to do with so many highways and no fuels?  Alternative energy resources must have their limitations.

Isn't it better to look further ahead and seek ways to improve our existing public transportation system instead of blindly engaging in construction projects that destroy our natural environment?

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