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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Viannos Municipality - Crete

For my first post, I want to introduce my self by showing you where I was living my last 2 years of my life! Crete...
After spending almost 21 months of my life in Viannos (sorry but the site is in greek), it has a special place in my heart. Although, I don't come from a typical Greek village, my experience in living in the countryside was lovely. Viannos is a municipality in the Heraklion Prefecture Crete, which southern boarder is the Libyan sea and is close to Ierapetra municipality. Its a historical municipality, as it is established by the Greek constitution, like Kalavrita municipality. Viannos is characterized by its seaside villages, like Psari Forada, Arvi, and Keratokampos, its mountain villages like Kato Symi, Pefkos, Amira, etc., and the capital, Viannos.

As all other places in Crete, Viannos keeps the typical Cretan Cuisine, which for me is one of the best cousins in the world! I can't forget the amazing bread coming out of the handmade oven, with olives and traditional handmade cheese served with a shot of raki (traditional Cretan alcohol drink). Unforgettable!

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