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Sunday, February 7, 2010

More photos on Dubai

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Part 2 of the photos from my trip to Dubai, mostly about the scenery of the city.
Part 3 of the photos from my trip to Dubai, about a visit to the desert and the dancers at the desert camp.

By the way, personally I don’t like skyscrapers no matter in which cities / countries they are located because I think these buildings are not energy-efficient.  The amount of steel, concrete and glass needed to construct a skyscraper is vast, and these materials represent a great deal of embodied energy.  Also, a skyscraper consumes a lot of electricity because potable and non-potable water must be pumped to the highest occupied floors.  Read more about the sustainability from the Wiki link, scroll all the way down to the subtitle on sustainability.

Himalayan salt, the salt they serve in the roof top restaurant in Burj Al Arab, was discovered by Alexander the Great's horse? according to the entry in this Wiki link, interesting!
It is said that when Alexander visited South Asia, coming across the Jhelum and Mianwali region, Khewra Salt Mines were discovered. The discovery of the mines, however, was not made by Alexander nor his "allies", but by his horse. It is stated that when Alexander's army stopped here for rest, the horses started licking the stones. One of his soldiers took notice of it and when he tasted the rock stone, it was salty thus leading to the discovery of the mines.

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