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Saturday, May 22, 2010

links, language, education, etc.

This seagull was taken in a beach near Kavala, Greece (and clicking on the image will take you to an educational site).

An on line quiz to distinguish an English teacher's native tongue.
By the way, I got 9 out of 10 right!

A San Francisco-based high school, Think Global School (TGS), is about to launch a program that will take students around the globe, literally. By the time they graduate from the private non-profit high school, students will have lived in 12 different countries and experienced 12 different cultures, languages and histories. The students will also be information technology gurus, as advanced communication technology will be at the curriculum’s core.
When the first class of "global students" graduate in a few years from now, I think it will be time to assess these students' social behavior, such as national identity.

Don't miss the interesting comments 1, and comment 2.
Also taken from reading one of the comments left on the same post, what does this sentence below mean?
 "    勾引      逼俚  力斯  衣分寜?" ( I have no clue, the answer is given below and there exists a phrase book that one can buy!)
Can you write the Chinese characters for “awkward” (gāngà)?  I could long time ago, but not anymore because now we have computers to do the job for us.
If you are learning Chinese, the Pinyin info is indeed a very helpful site, which I have linked (1st one under "Useful Links") on the right-hand side since a while ago.

This “Diet” is not about health and food, it’s about parliament!  And this explains why the two ways of using the word “diet” actually came from the same source.

Answer to the question above: 
"Are you going to be busy this evening?"

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