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Monday, June 6, 2011

EU to impose aviation CO2 emission tax and some links

The EU will impose air passenger CO2 emission tax starting 2012, I suppose it will include small private jets often used by multimillionaires as long as they use "regular" airports for landing, but what if their pilots have expertise to land on a "makeshift" runway to avoid paying tax? I guess they will end up in police custody or in a hospital.  How about those diplomats, head of state, UN workers, parliamentarians who often use jets as transportation means more often than us, make sure they are not exempt, they should pay as well as tourists.  How about the poor expatriates like me who need to visit relatives back home from time to time?  I will just have to pay more for airline tickets...

Aviation CO2 emission has increased in EU, with statistics by airlines, airports, and countries here.

My Romanian friend told me that some 15 - 20 years ago, the poor migration workers used to walk from their villages in Romania to reach Greece by foot carrying with them a spare pair of running shoes, they walked until the original shoes were torn and they replaced it with the spare one.  These migration workers walked and did not contribute to global warming, so as a rule of thumb, the citizens of richer countries are likely to contribute more to global warming, it is fine to tax CO2 aviation emission tax as long as it is applied fairly across the board, but I think no matter how expensive the tax is to be added to air ticket, multimillionaires can afford to pay, and I doubt their air travel will be reduced.

So the aviation emission debate will continue...

Some links:

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