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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Taiwan Painting and Sculpture Exhibition Σύγχρονη Ζωγραφική και Γλυπτική της Ταϊβάν 2011

2011 雅典當代台灣畫

The Contemporary Taiwan Painting & Sculpture Exhibition was held recently at the Πνευματικό Κέντρο in downtown Athens from September 19th to 30th, 2011.

Ten artists from Taiwan had their paintings/sculptures/calligraphy exhibited, their names are:

Bu Zi 卜兹, Chen Yan-Shuoh 陳彥碩, Hsieh Mei-Ching 謝美卿, Hsu Chih-Neng 徐至能, Lee Wuh-Kuen 李戊崑Lee Yih-Hong 李義弘, Lu Shu-Chen 吕淑珍, Tao Kang 陶綱, Tao Wei 陶韡, Wu Chi-Tao 吳継濤.  Since it was not possible to get to know all of them and their work in a short visit, so I tried to link up whatever I could find in the internet that described the artists and their work.  If you have any other links for any other artists, please leave the link in the comment area.

I attended the opening day ceremony and would like to share with readers some of the photos taken on that day.  Hopefully through this photo presentation people will be able to see the hi-lights of the exhibition and appreciate the creativity of some contemporary Taiwanese artists.

The current Taiwan Representative in Greece, Elizabeth Chu 朱玉鳯, had her own paintings exhibited last year and her teacher Lee Yih-Hong 李義弘, is one among the 10 artists in this group.

I thank the artist Lee Wuh-Kuen 李戊崑, who wrote down the Chinese names of all the artists for me as there were no such information available in the exhibit (I assume this info was omitted because most visitors are Greeks and they wouldn't know the artists' names written in Chinese characters).  Mr. Lee also gave a short speech on behalf of all the artists in the opening ceremony. A search on the internet reveals that he holds a master's degree and has some publication called 以平準機制輔助藝術交易市場之研究 (A study on the arts trading market supported by the mechanism of equalization) in the Journal of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (No. 68) in the 4th month of the year 2007. 

I also appreciated Mr. Hsu Chih-Neng 徐至能 who patiently explained to me the philosophy behind each of his paintings.  I liked very much his painting of bamboos in severe weather condition, the virtue of perseverance is seen through bamboo stems bent but not broken when encountering strong wind or snow.  Taiwanese have built economic miracles, survived natural disasters, have
one of the best national health care coverage systems in the world despite been isolated from their country's non-membership in the UN organizations.  Taiwanese live happily, being able to engage in intellectual creation both culturally (as seen here) and scientifically and they believe a society that respects freedom of expression is the best precondition for bringing such progress to their country. Taiwanese will continue to persevere with upcoming challenges.

 Click on the above photo to see all the pictures taken in the opening ceremony

Artist  Lee Yih-Hong 李義弘

Artist Lu Shu-Chen 吕淑珍

 Artist Lee Wuh-Kuen 李戊崑

 An invitation card showing all the artists' names

 Artist Hsieh Mei-Ching 謝美卿

 Artist Tao Wei 陶韡

 Artist Hsu Chih-Neng 徐至能

Artist Tao Kang 陶綱

Calligrapher Chen Yan-Shuoh 書法家 陳彥碩 h

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