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Monday, December 19, 2011

2011 Christmas in Athens Metro Mall

This year the city of Athens is said to spend no more than 200,000 Euros for Christmas decorations and fireworks, this figure is 1/10 of the amount spent in 2008.

Late November I happened to be near the new (1+ year old) Athens Metro Mall, so I went in to check out what shops it has in this mall, instead of looking at the shops I was very impressed with the Christmas decorations. I accidentally saw in the internet an interesting video on how this Christmas tree and deco were put up.

The large candy canes are quite cute!

Beside the tree is a penguin band, which has motion and sound (click to see the motion)

The snowflakes on the upper floor are beautiful

For tourists info, the Athens Metro Mall is at the terminal station of the red Metro (subway) line, called Aghios Dimitrios, the mall's Level 0 has a big supermarket AB Vasilopoulos, very convenient for tourists since it is only 5 stops from the Acropolis station, or 6 stops from the Syntagma station

On the contrast, this is a photo from a different mall called "The Mall", it is Athens first mall and it has been in operation for a number of years now, people like to shop and go to see movies there, but I find the accessibility between floors not well designed for coping with emergency situations (no stairs in between or near the escalators)

Nevertheless, I did find an attractive COSMOTE (a Greek mobile operator) advertisement, which says: I would like to fix a world that brings happiness to children's faces.  I suppose they must have held a drawing competition for this ad, or for the submission of wish phrases from children.

Greek politicians should take note of this phrase, substituting the word "world" for "country".

Greek people are not interested in an early election if a capable and honest leader does not emerge to guide the country out of financial trouble.

Those politicians who put their personal and party interests ahead of their country's survival will be soon eliminated if more Greeks demand governmental administrative transparency and the Pirate Party movement gains popularity here.

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