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Monday, July 2, 2012

Nafplio summer photos

Nafplio is not far from Athens, so if there are friends or relatives visiting, it is a place that we always take them to see.  If you plan to go by public transit, take X93 from Athens airport to Kifissos coach station, then you can buy the ticket to Nafplio at the Kifissos coach station, or alternatively if you are staying in downtown Athens, you can also buy the ticket (and save the time of line-up for ticket at Kifissos) from the office at Vilara 2, Agiou Konstantinou square – Omonia. Tel.: 210 5237889, 210 5233810, 210 5246805, but you should ask the ticket agent what bus number you must take to go from Omonia to the Kifissos coach terminal, it will cost you just a regular bus fare (1.20 Euro).  The Athens to Nafplio fare is currently 13.10 Euro for a one-way ticket, and 23.00 euro for a round-trip ticket.

I have previously posted some photos of Nafplio, but those photos were from the winter to spring season, this post I will add Nafplio photos of the summer season.  If you want to view all of them (26 photos), you may go to this link.  Otherwise, I have radomly selected some and posted below.

If you are only interested in viewing my photos of this website (without reading any posts), you can always go to this link.

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