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Monday, September 24, 2012

Photos from the 4th Aegina Half Marathon


I took the photos of the Aegina half marathon race at the church less than 200 meters from the finishing line, it was a hot day without clouds, so it was not an ideal condition for the runners. Congradulations to all the runners who had crossed the finishing line.

I checked the official website, for the result, but it does not seem to have published the result yet, therefore sorry I cannot match the winners' names with the photos, but the photos are in the order as the runners passed by the church. I may have missed just a few athletes because (s)he may have run by too fast after another one and I was not ready to shoot.

These runners photos may be deleted later by me, say, after 6 months as these are not photos of interests to international readers. There was the Fistiki (Pistachio) Festival at the Aegina town for 3 days and this event combines tourism with atheletic competition, what a great idea!

To see all the runners photos I took, go to this link.

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