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Friday, August 9, 2013

Mystras Byzantine Ruin

In my opinion, Lakonia is the most interesting area to visit in the whole Peloponissos peninsula. It has, from west to east, Diros cave, Vathia's stone tower houses, Mystra Byzantine ruin (much more north but probably not more east than Vathia), Elafonisos island's thick sandy beach, and Monemvasia's unique rock.

I happened to pass by Sparti Σπάρτη (English spelled as Sparta, 斯巴達 in Chinese) on my way back from Monemvasia, and since Mystras is about 6km west of Sparti, I decided to stop and pay a brief visit.  It was near noon, the climb was sort of tiring because the sun was quite strong and the temperature was very high.  An early morning visit in the summer or paying a visit in a different season will be easier for walking up the footpaths in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.  There is no shade along the footpaths, so wearing sunscreen is recommended.  An adult entrance ticket is 5 Euro in 2013.

Here are some photos, to see all the 68 photos, please click this link.

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