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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Airport Express Bus from Ethniki Amyna will stop until further notice

Starting February 14th and for about six months, the airport express bus service linking the Ethniki Amyna station and the airport will be suspended. For details read this article in the Kathimerini.

Too bad for the inconvenience because this is by far the quickest way plus the cheapest way combined for anyone to travel from airport to downtown ( airport express bus to Ethniki Amyna, a station in the Metro blue line, then Metro blue line to Syntagma station will cost just 80 cents more, Syntagma is the parliament station downtown. ) The other airport express buses are not so express because they go through the traffic of Athens' streets, whereas the above mentioned way cuts the traffic delay on streets by travelling on the Metro Subway, and the Metro ticket costs as little as 80 Euro cents. Paying an additional 80 Euro cents for the Metro subway is nothing considering time is money.


Xristina said...
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Xristina said...


這段被封鎖6個月,真的是很讓人頭痛!!我們這一區,大家幾乎都是利用Plakentias這個捷運站,做為上下班的捷運重要點.現在關閉,我不知道實際上有多少希臘人真的會在乎長達6個月的不方便(聽說會有替代公車從我們這區到Ethiniki Amyna,但公車一定會塞車,上下班的交通時間整個被延長),我有時候真的沒辦法忍受希臘政府在處理這些事情時,怎麼可以這麼自我,都沒有真的為社會大眾的生活機能,及機場到市中心的便利性想想.




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