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Friday, May 8, 2009

Special acknowledgement to people who helped me

The April 1, 2009 post was one of the two most challenging posts I had worked on.  The other difficult post was the one on March 7, 2009, which took a lot of research time to find appropriate links.

I would like to thank the anonymous who translated the English article into Greek and forwarded to me because he liked this well-documented article and also felt a sense of responsibility to tell his Greek compatriots the truth that Taiwan is not a part of China as the map suggested.

I would like to thank also the author, Tim the “bullshit detector”, who spent much time to help me preserving the photo images, which failed to show-up in my original post.

I would also like to thank a friend’s husband who briefly read the Greek text before I posted the first time, and my husband who quickly translated the little explanatory text following each image but never had time to read this blog, he promises to read this blog in 2010 when he finishes his other master degree.

It is important for the map to show the world as is now, but shortly before the 2008 Olympic, the National Geographic (NG) Magazine published the map of China the way the bullying Chinese government would like to see it, but wrongly presented the current status of Taiwan.

With the NG’s map reaching 40 million people every month worldwide according to Miller himself (here on the 3rd paragraph).  It is important to be accurate and fair.

This link will take you to the initial comments and discussions of Dan Bloom with the editor of the NG magazine.  The comments (quite interesting) gave us the background behind Miller’s reply to Bloom.  Miller did not reply to Bloom’s final question.

Also, the editor’s note in the second paragraph was quite interesting where it said “An attractive Chinese woman approaches a number of men, then comes to me, asking if I need a massage. I don’t need a massage; I need a map”.  Because it reminded me of a Japanese diplomat’s “honey trap” suicide story, and more,

This edition of NG magazine was also found to be glued on page 44 and 45 in Chinese market, and that’s the page with the disclaimer on about Taiwan.

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